Map Description

  1. OrionHardy
    Coprophemia is my second track for Halo 5 and a remake of a track I submitted to a collision course contest back in Halo 4.

    The Halo 4 version relied heavily on the built in aesthetic of the forge map. This time I had to make more effort to but my own aesthetics for the track. Track itself is largely unchanged from the Halo 4 version, though is slightly smaller as I didn't have to stretch the track to get around built in structures on the map, which was a problem in Halo 4.

    Map makes use of the Smooth Autopilot Pelican tutorial from Forge Labs and a prefab called 'XL Tidal Mountain' by AFUZZYMONKEY23, the prefab has been modified slightly as I didn't want the icy top, and then added some foliage.

    Track is race-able with mongooses and has 15 checkpoints per lap.

    Please Bookmark, Like and Share. Let's get ready to wreck 'em!!!
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