1. Replaced Brs with Br-55's - removed one storm rifle

    no god anywhere
    Weapon Changes:

    -Replaced all BR's with BR-55s
    -Removed Storm rifle from Blue spawn side
  2. Weapon changes and boundery fixes

    no god anywhere
    With update 2.2 i have changed/fixed weapons by frequent request, deleted a few spawns, and also adjusted bounderies.

    Weapon changes:
    -*Heavily requested: Laser replaced with railgun
    -Replaced suppressor with a needler
    -Removed one plasma pistol and moved the...
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  3. Contract Version 2.1

    no god anywhere
    Hopefully the last update if the test lobby goes well. Changed all weapon dynamics and times to more reflect matchmaking + a few geometry adjustments.

    Rebuilt, adjusted or fixed:
    • Sloppy forging in the open side mauler hallway
    • Some blocks lightbaking and color...
  4. Contract Version 2

    no god anywhere
    With version 2 comes a large amount of additions, adjustments and fixes. Please leave feedback for any issues you still find or if you like the map!

    *New lighting and aesthetics all around

    -Game start countdown with scripting
    -Open window ledge + increased thickness
    -Nade wall top gold
    -Railing/Ledge on mid purple lifts
    -Fusion coils at bottom closed lift and top gold
    -Skill jump on Lobby...
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