Containment Protocol

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Vientus
    Containment Protocol. I never planned on unveiling any of these assets outsides of the Atlas team before the launch of our game mode entitled Evac but this contest was too big of an opportunity to pass up so we went for it. While this was a solo project some Library asset/designed were taken from an Infection map by Black Picture & Randy 355 (they know and are on board). My team and I have been working on all of these assets, including aspects of the library for over a year now, it is crazy to think it's out in the wild now.

    Thank you to my Atlas team, your feedback is always honest and your standards are high, don't ever change. You've been invaluable.

    This map features:
    The Oracle 343 Guilty Spark
    Sentinel Constructor
    Sentinel (Im Genooo | Original (he knows and is on board))
    Sentinel Enforcer
    Activation Index
    Flood Pod Infector
    The Gravemind

    Please enjoy.

    Oh and aside note, we didn't use trash bags or trees to build the flood. The block knowledge, is now yours go forth and build.



  1. Sins of Truth

    Sins of Truth ONI Agent

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    Not too sure how I feel about this honestly.
    My emotions are most conflicting with this entry.
  2. Yami

    Yami Spartan I

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    The gravemind looks sick, but I'd do the colors different (it has too much of a plastic look instead of a fleshy look). I think your idea itself is great, but the layout got confusing to me. I often didn't know where I could actually go to and where not. Although I love maps that tell a story, yours is a bit much. Too much going on, very distracting.
  3. CaptainDireWolf

    CaptainDireWolf Forger of the Wild
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    Sweet aesthetic. You did a kickass job of the setting and details.

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