Containment Breach

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Spirit in Black
    Submission for the Husky Raid contest. Built using a modified Template #6.

    For this map, I wanted to try to set up a convincing Flood outbreak theme.

    I used trash bags to get the look of Flood biomass growing in parts of the map, and while the implementation is far from perfect, I think I was able to achieve something that is at least able to get across the intended theme to the player.

    Building the environment was fairly easy, but it took several revisions to get the Flood biomass looking right. I first experimented with using trash bags, and they worked well enough, however, I needed a very large amount of them to make it even close to convincing. After some more brief experimentation, I decided to use Rock Arrangements from Barrens, as they looked kind of fleshy when angled right.

    With that said, I think it turned out pretty well.


  1. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade ONI Agent

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    Looking good. I'd suggest even more campaign quality details, but those might cause framerate drops.
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  2. ZombieDyer

    ZombieDyer ONI Agent

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    What's this, a forerunner themed map that actually has depth and utilizes a counter aesthetic to compliment the main theme whilst staying true to one of the most loved missions in Halo history? Didn't know it was possible. :)
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  3. Spirit in Black

    Spirit in Black Spartan I

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