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  1. Anthony 117
    Hello, and welcome to my second Linear style Infection map Contagium ( I ) The Harbinger "HIVEMIND/INFECTED". This map will serve as the intro/beginning of a series of linear style infection maps that I intend on creating down the road.

    As some of you may know I've already created a map with a similar name as this one, but for all intents and purposes of explanation THIS map will be the 'true beginning' of the series, I felt like I could've done better with the last one so here we are with this version.

    *Map Description*
    This linear style Infection map utilizes two Infection game-types, Hivemind and Halo 5 base Infection.

    1: Hivemind:
    This game mode originated in Halo 4 and hasn't been used ever since, because I enjoyed this game-type a lot back then I've taken the liberty of recreating the game-type EXACTLY how you remember it from Halo 4, download off my file share so you can use it for your Infection maps.

    Hivemind Download link:

    2: H5 Infection:
    My map also includes the base H5 Infection game-type for those of you that prefer H5's Infection over Hivemind.
    (Make sure before you play this game-type on my map that you set the 'Time Limit' to 4 Minutes, and 'Placed Vehicles' to ON)

    *What's Different?*
    The only difference between the two game-types are the weapon placements on Contagium ( I ) The Harbinger.

    Just like any other linear style Infection map, you go from room to room surviving till you get to the end.
    Contagium ( I ) The Harbinger lasts 4 minutes exactly.

    *The images were graciously provided by Rythaze*

    *There are two separate download URL's for you to download*
    1st: "Contagium ( I ) HIVEMIND" :
    2nd: "Contagium ( I ) INFECTED" :


    ONI space station 'The Harbinger' was a research and development exploration center for ONI operatives investigating the unknown, picking up artifacts, collecting samples, and using said artifacts to create experimental munitions for the UNSC.
    An A.I was selected and designated by ONI officials to safeguard and supervise all operations within the station.
    This space station went dark 2 months ago after an unfortunate but unknown event leading to the station going adrift with no communication and no whereabouts of it's trajectory and current location....until now.

    A faint signal was received recently by the A.I imploring that "all UNSC personnel stay as far away from the space station as conceivably possible".

    But because the UNSC cannot allow an A.I to fall under enemy hands the Infinity has sent out a group of Spartans IV's to assess the situation and retrieve the A.I at all costs.
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    "Just like any other linear style Infection map, you go from room to room surviving till you get to the end.
    Contagium ( I ) The Harbinger lasts 4 minutes exactly."

    Where's the story? If you want to make a series out of this, you should figure out a story first and then divide the story into different map parts that make sense. Otherwise it's gonna be as random and oblivious as the Survive series, and you don't want that. Add depth to your linear infection maps!

    Do you have an explanation for the 4 minute time limit? If not, this map is not realistic and probably just pushes you through different rooms at a certain amount of time, which is outdated and doesn't immerse the players into the level.

    If you can explain that the security system of this "station" (I don't who, where, why) is closing one door and opening another at a fixed rate for evacuation purposes, then I'd be ok with it. Even then, though, you could make it so the humans arrive at a broken door and have to find something to blow it up for example, or a hallway could collapse, so they have to find another way out, etc.

    Be creative.

  2. Anthony 117

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    First off I would like to thank you for your comment/advice, I really do appreciate it! In regards to your comment about story I already have the story thought out for part 1 and 2. I started the first version of Harbinger back in early 2016, and this current one in mid to late 2016. I was unsure about how to incorporate the story in the description when uploading it initially, I just wanted to give myself some time to think about it after the upload. But since your comment reflects the want for story/explanation I'll be more than willing now to make a section perhaps at the bottom of the description for those wanting 'a little bit more meat on the bone'!
    So in a short one sentence reply 'already ahead of ya :)'.
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