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  1. The Omicron
    You best not be judging my aliens up there...i needed them to cover up a safe zone because i'm lazy, i'm sorry [​IMG]. Anyways, this is my newest map, Constellation. It should be played with "Last Stand" by PA1NTS. It was very fun to build, and I highly recommend everyone trying to create a Last Stand map. I'll throw in a couple pictures and a feature that I received from my homeshizzle dog fizzle, TheElderAcorn from his channel<a class="externalLink" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">CommunityForgers</a> (check him out), down below. BYE!
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Recent Reviews

  1. REMkings REMkings
    This is map is sooo good. I love how you implemented so many shortcuts for the zombies to use, making it a real challenge to stay alive as a human and a very pleasing experience playing as a zombie. Not many (Last Stand) maps are able to pull off an equally enjoyable time for both zombies and humans but you have done just that! The way of applying height variation is very ingenious and shows your expertise at forging Flood maps. Great, great Last Stand map and definitely one of your finest creations in Halo 4!


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