3v3 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Back when Project Spark was released, I wanted nothing more than to unlock the Conkers Bad Fur Day material in the game so I could make a team deathmatch game of sorts. After failing to understand how to code what I wanted in the game for the project itself I resorted to taking the map layout and re-creating it in Halo 5. I left it after I was unhappy with how it turned out.

    Now, 8 years later having decided to return to old maps to keep gears turning and see how I've improved I've decided to rework and change up the map while holding the original layout relatively the same.

    Map flow works perfectly with players finding themselves battling it out in the middle of the map while weapons can be found around the outskirts of the map with a brick house in the West, two stone platforms with a wooden bridge in the middle in the east, and a cave with an energy sword located in the middle of the map, a little cabin with a Grav lift is located in the North-East of the map while directly opposite of it is a stone ramp which can be used to reach the same platforms. Under the Brickhouse is another cave system in which players will find combat enjoyable and can utilize to form escape paths and invasion tactics.

    This map is best played with 8-player FFA however, team matches with 3-player fireteams are also encouraged.

    -Slayer (Team and FFA)

    2.5 Fix List
    -Removed a shotgun that was left over from the remodel.
    -Added two new methods of travel to make flow even better than before
    -Fixed Sword cave, now platforms beneath the Sword spawn as they should.
    -Added Rocket Launcher in place of Sword in certain gametypes
    -Fixed certain spawns that were floating and thus not spawning players


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