Conformity, Discrepancy, & Lazarus

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. OkayCobra
    VERSION 2.0
    Forged By: OkayCobra
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    An ancient Forerunner formation created to monitor Halo installation's allignments.

    A corrupted Forerunner formation created to monitor Halo installation's allignments.

    A renewed Forerunner formation created to monitor Halo installation's allignments.

    This map is a primarily 4v4 - 5v5 Slayer map, but also comes equipped for Free For All, Strongholds, and is really fun for SWAT.

    Partially inspired by a few previous Halo games maps, (try to guess which ones?) Conformity is a completely original map. It is built for fun dynamic levels of gameplay, that go fast and rotate frequently.

    Conformity, Discrepancy & Lazarus are identical in structure, they just differ in atmosphere and colour. One of course, is based on your familiar Forerunner theme, one Promethean, and Lazarus is an assorted energy style.

    Yes, the middle light area is deadly unless you're smart.

    Conformity 3 levels of combat.

    • The Lower Level: Two gravity launchers placed across the map from eachother on either side of the cross shape.
    • The Middle Level: Fairly small area on top of the main cylindrical shape.
    • The Top Level: A walk way along 4 columns that 'circle' around the main structure. Each column has an area just inside, this is where the 4 Strongholds terminals are. Can access Energy Sword rings from here. Both bases are across the circle from eachother on this level, and have ramps that lead down to the Lower Level.
    I really hope you folks check this map out! It was a blast to make, and I'm totally open to feedback, as I may be reworking a little to get in some more aesthetics. Please click the download button if you do! Just to show the numbers! It just goes to my profile.

    Thanks Professor Narb for giving some solid feedback that helped me redesign this map a little.


    • Widended upper walk ways
    • Repositioned bases to upper level, built two ramps in each to get to the lower level.
    • Expanded Lower Level
    • Various small detail changes.
    • Introducing 3rd rendition: Lazarus

    Starting to think I've found my game with this Forerunner stuff if I'm honest. Urban stuff? Nope.. HOWEVER... Local Forger MYTHICALTWINKIE is an AMAZING urban forger! Go check out his stuff on here, some of which I co-forged!

Recent Reviews

    Great map! Love how its good on SWAT. Keep up the good Forging!