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  1. Squally DaBeanz

    By Squally DaBeanz

    "All aboard the pain train!"

    Concourse is an inverse symmetrical 4v4 map based in a neon-lit metro station. The map consists of the two bases at either end, the two main atriums in the middle, and various connection between. There are three train tracks running the length of the map. The middle track is occupied by a train car housing the Plasma Caster, with a dividing wall above it housing the Overshield. The two side tracks are in the center of each atrium. A service tunnel is connected to each atrium that leads to an upper balcony or into the respective base. Each base has multiple routes in, including a ventilation shaft connected to the track adjacent to each base.

    The goal of this map was to create a CTF map that focused on tug of war gameplay through the use of hallways and open atriums, while still providing plenty of opportunities to sneak around the edges unseen. Every route between the bases has to cross through one atrium or another at some point, meaning there is never a flag run that can be completely hidden the entire time.

    The weapon layout has been updated since the game-wide weapon tuning updates.

    -Plasma Pistols have been replaced by Tactical Magnums.
    -Battle Rifles have been replaced by Recon sight DMRs.
    -Brute Plasma Rifles have been replaced with Boltshots.
    -Two extra Frag grenades have been added.
    -Gunfighter Magnums have been removed.

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  1. Squally is a level design expert! Great flow and look


  1. WAR

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    Yo, I was looking at this in forge months ago. You finally posted it! I've seen a lot of subway maps since Reach until now and have to say I think you nailed a really solid layout with this one. Great execution on theme and overall layout. Will have to put this on my to do list sometime ;)

    We needed more symmetrical 4v4 maps that play CTF. Thank you for that, I would never have thought these would be in such short supply.
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  2. Ryouji Gunblade

    Ryouji Gunblade Spartan I

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    Loved it. Like Operation Métro for Halo.
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  3. K a n t a l o p e

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    lol this map isn't nearly as hectic as Operation Metro. Still a fun map
  4. Connie

    Connie Catgirls Don't Cry

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    Why would you drag Squally like that?
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  5. Squally DaBeanz

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    Squally DaBeanz updated Concourse with a new update entry:

    Weapon Update

    Read the rest of this update entry...

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