4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. DeathstarsOG
    "This fortress survived the destruction of the last Halo and is now a cruise ship for vacationing soldiers. 2-8 Players"

    Compounded is a symmetrical 4v4 map designed for Team Slayer, King of the Hill(stationary), CTF(1 Flag) and Oddball.

    The typical power structure of height advantage is skewed aboard this ship. Players up top will find they'll need to watch 360 degrees around them as players can attack top middle from several different ways. All powerful items spawn on the lower floor, including a Radar Jammer, to confuse the team holding the high ground and break even the best setups.

Recent Reviews

  1. VeryHyped VeryHyped
    Not crazy about the underground hallways for H3 gameplay but everything else about the map is fantastic. Very unique KOTH feel to the top of the map, where you get high ground advantage but it can be challenged in continuously interesting ways. Seems to have a lot of replay value.


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