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  1. ArturBloodshot
    "They understood the universe in ways we never will. We can't unlock their secrets—but now, apparently, we can destroy all they ever made..."



    Childhood, that time when you gathered with you friends and cousins around a TV box, just ordered pizza and soda, a Nintendo 64 powered on with a Golden Eye cartridge, setup multiplayer, unlimited lives, same map over and over again... Yes. I had to recreate that nostalgia.



    Complex was one of the fan favorites of Golden Eye 64, it even has got a recreation on almost every famous FPS because its amazing and fun design, perfect for mayhem and epic battles. I wanted to get back those memories while giving them a comtemporary feeling. This remake was in fact made with the same proportions and scale of the original map with some tweaks that would help the gameplay of Halo 2 Anniversary.
    Each version of Complex throughout the years have been very plain, while the geometry speaks for itself, I needed to narrate a story. Complex is located in a -imaginary- ancient Forerunner prison. The map's atmosphere is mystery, with signs of an everlasting war between prisoners and sentries. The rest is history...


    To get this remake done, I researched for several blueprints and map images, scaling them together in proportion to achieve the best similitude with the map's original concept and dimensions. After that, drafting the geometry in plan view was the best way to conceive its volumetry (since I know it as the palm of my hand after thousands of games). Budget was a challenge, since H2A Forge has object specific limits, I had to solve the problem mixing pieces with different textures and sizes, getting the opportunity to play with the areas and creating diverse spaces within the narrative of the map's story. There you can find that Red Base is an entrance to the prison, while the Blue Base is at the open where the recreative areas were.
    Complex was stimulating in its conception, and fun to recreate. This map is 5 years old. I thought this map was lost. Miraculously I found it in my files last week so I'm happy to finish what I started.

    Complex preliminary blueprints

    Hope everyone enjoys it! AB out. :evil:


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    I've seen you are commenting on every map you think a download link is broken. There are no Halowaypoint links for Halo MCC maps, that only works for Halo 5 maps.
    If you want to download a map for MCC you must check the author's File Share or download a .mvar file (usually on a zip) and put it in your local game files.

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