Cold Case


Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Cold Case is an infection map based around the Left 4 Dead style of gameplay that requires communication, teamwork, and several stages that lead to the "end" of the level/map

    Human players start in a room with a Killzone, which leaves them with 10 seconds to pick their starting weapons and move into the map, players will find their first door with a switch which begins opening the door while they fight off the first wave of infected after this, players will find in the next room stronger weapons and another door. Players will need to wait through another wave after hitting the switch as the door opens, inside this room is a "train" interacting with the Next button will start the train and wave, players will need to survive in the train as it makes it's way to the final stage of the map, where even more powerful weapons lay in waiting for you to make your last stand.

    Infected players spawn in the vents up top, where they can access most of the maps parts.

    One update is planned for this map in the future to add secrets and balancing adjustments.

    -Slayer (technically only because the pieces are there)

    (again, only technically; because the pieces are there.)

    Version 2.3 Changelog
    -Fixed Scripting issues
    -Added and finished the last stand stage of the map
    -Changed certain doors to look nicer and fit the aesthetic better


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