Clothes Pin

4v4 Slayer

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  1. Cardnal
    Clothespin was originally a map I intended to call Clorpin (no origin, just a name I made up) but I hated that so I changed it.
    This map is based on the maps of old from games like Perfect Dark and Goldeneye, in that it's small and symmetrical, yet fun and engaging.

    Each base takes on a square shape with two ramps that lead down and into the main room for each base, which grants access to the two rooms to your left or right that will take you to the opposite base or the teleport receiver.

    Two teleporters are located on the bottom floor of each base in the back. The left side of the map (viewing from the red base) is windowed and the player can catch a glimpse of quite a view! while the left side is closed in, and cut off from the outside. In the middle of the map, is two tunnels for each floor in which the bottom holds the power weapon of the map which is a power-swapped Sniper Rifle with Krith's Left Hand boosted into it.

    While the top tunnel holds gametype specific gear for multi-team.
    Speaking of which! Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow Teams are playable on this map! Each base also has a bridge with grenades on it with a window leaving the player wide open for attack, risk-reward.


    -FFA Slayer
    -Team Slayer
    -Capture the Flag
    -Husky Raid (Highly Recommend)
    -King of the Hill (Highly Recommend)


    Future Updates planned
    -Move the whole map a bit to stop clipping from the pelicans.
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