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  1. Lost Pinecone
    A Squid Loaf presents:

    Cliffside Adventure




    You've come to this abandoned cliffside colony to explore its ancient dwellings and learn what you can about the lost civilization that lived here. In particular, you're interested in discovering what cataclysmic event caused the colony's demise.

    Cliffside Adventure features puzzles, parkour, grenade challenges, and more. As you progress through the map, you'll acquire tools and power ups which will help you in your quest to uncover the mysteries of the Cliffside.



    Be sure to take advantage of these cyan terminals which set your respawn point nearby.


    (Note, players individually set the respawn points for themselves, so make sure you and your friends all hit the button if you are trying to respawn at the same place).

    As always, thanks to the testers.


    1. The Claws

    You'll need to complete the parkour section in the lava room. The entrance is located near the gate.

    Here's a helpful tip, ground pound onto the last 2 jumps (the diamond-shaped block and the floor at the end).

    2. TNT

    Interact with the blue guy to get a nav point. Then look for a switch near the room the nav point is directing you towards.

    On the 9th step down from the top, you'll see a grey square near the edge of the stairs. Stand on it and look up to see the right patterns to use for the switches on the wall.

    3. The Pale

    Interact with the green guy to get a nav point. You'll need to do something near the flag poles in order to make the jump over to the location.

    Interact with the flag pole to knock it down, then jump and ground pound onto the target to make it over to the ledge. Once, on the ledge, you'll need to blow the horns in the right order. (From the closest to the edge to the furthest). Then use the pale on a the plant to make it grow then throw a grenade into the pipe in order to get back to the main area.

    4. Armor

    Use the TNT and the pale to get the power up.

    After getting both the TNT and the pale, head to the top and blow up the brown rock to the right of the big area you got the TNT from. Inside, use the pale to water the plant then throw a grenade into the pipe to open the door.

    5. The G-Vis

    The armor lets you access somewhere you couldn't before.

    After getting the armor, head to the fireplace in the dining hall just through the gate. Follow the path and you'll come to some bouncers which you'll have to use your thrusters to get past. On the other side you'll find the G-Vis.

    6. The Magnet

    Follow the Nav Point that says "Climb."

    The G-Vis allows you to see invisible blocks which let you climb the tower and get the magnet.

    7. Agility

    Use the magnet on metal objects to gain access to new areas.

    Use the magnet to move the metal blocks in the doorway near the TNT puzzle (orange circles). Inside, you'll find a portal that leads to the agility power up.

    8. The Rod

    Use your new agility to get over to the satellite.

    Jump from the pillars by the green guy to reach the satellite. (Keep in mind that with the agility power up, you can stabilize and ground pound for longer periods of time).

    9. The Door

    Use the rod near the door to charge it.

    Use the rod on the pedestal across from the door, then hit the switch on the console in front of the door.

    10. The Bots

    Look for a place outside that will tell you the correct order to activate the bots in.

    Bot 1: The highest one, beside the green guy.
    Bot 2: Through a patch of mushrooms on a rock behind the tower.
    Bot 3: In the lava room, you'll need to get on top of the stone block to activate a switch that opens up a compartment containing the bot.
    Bot 4: In the room with the bells, complete the puzzle (by interacting with them in the following order: Purple, Blue, Yellow Red), a door will open on the side of the stairs that will take you to the bot.

    11. The Statue

    Look outside.

    You need to rotate the pieces so that it matches the statue on the balcony outside. Once completed, go through the bronze portal that opens up. (Be sure to set your respawn point to the switch before going through).

    12. The Monster

    Look for an opening near the tail.

    Inside the tail, you'll need to use your thrusters near the arrow decal in the middle of the path to launch yourself up the curved wall. There is a platform you can clamber on behind you so stabilize and turn around after launching up. Keep climbing and hit it the orange switch at the top.

    Inside, find the right switches to activate the pillars.

    Look for the switch on each side that has a green top, they open up a compartment in the floor containing an explosive barrel, destroy each barrel to activate the black switch near the pillars.

    Go into the belly of the monster.
    Tip: use your thrusters while going through the tubes.

    Look for a way on top of the tail outside.
    Jump around the back of the tail onto some ring pieces to climb the tail. Then you'll have to time your jumps and make your way on top of the floating head and hit the switch to destroy it.

    Bonus: Collect all 12 rings.

    1. In the bells room, you'll need G-Vis to see the platforms that lead to a vent.
    2. Up the stairs in the bells room, you'll need TNT and the pale.
    3. Behind the Inventory sign.
    4. Around the back of the cliff near the pale.
    5. In the lava room (need armor).
    6. Through the fireplace, jump up and to the right over the stairs to find a hidden area.
    7.Through the fireplace, jump on the pipe and follow it to a hidden area.
    8. Through the fireplace, jump over the white tree opening, you'll see a rock ledge with the ring.
    9. Use TNT on the rock above the starting area, inside jump on the pipe to get into a vent.
    10. In the same room as 9, use the Magnet to move the metal blocks.
    11. Complete the mole puzzle (you'll need a hammer).
    12. Near the TNT puzzle, jump onto the large diamond-shaped beam that goes above the stairs and follow it to the end where you must jump to a hidden opening in the wall.


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