Cirque de Crayon

Map Description

  1. Kenjamin1 MI
    Cirque de Crayon
    *(created summer 2017)

    Mongoose race for up to 16 drivers
    15 Checkpoints - score 45 for three laps

    Mayhem-Skytrack - from START go left or right and try to avoid other drivers, or wreck other drivers, as you weave from checkpoint to checkpoint. (follow the checkpoints, easy to miss your ramp if you are in traffic) Cross the intersections and bounce the transitions from ring to ring. Wreck the leader so you can win.

    If you find it hard to follow the checkpoints, just memorize this...

    Dark Blue, down Light Blue, Green, Yellow, up Orange, Red, down Orange, up Black down, Yellow, Green, up Light Blue, Dark Blue, (lap) REPEAT!

    Fun with Friends! Have Fun! Drive Fast!
    - JAMN


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