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  1. Omni42

    noun: an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.

    Following in the footsteps of Primus III (my last adventure/puzzle map), Chiaroscuro is a free-form, exploration-focused map that has you explore ancient ruins, battle enemies, collect powerups, and solve puzzles. It encourages lateral thinking and creativity; most of the puzzles can be solved in multiple ways, with or without the "intended" powerup. They can also be approached in (almost) any order.

    I'm happy with how well some of this map turned out, but I should mention that I've seen the scripts on this map break in some pretty... interesting ways.

    Known Issues:
    - One tooth in the door before the lantern refuses to return to its starting position. Common. Even after replacing and re-scripting every tooth in the door, this still seems to happen on a regular basis. No apparent fix available.
    - Lantern spawns anywhere from slightly to severely misaligned. Common.
    - Lantern refuses to follow the player at first. Common. The damn thing already has two redundant scripts that are supposed to fix this, so if they don't work, I'm inclined to say it's unfixable. Either way, if you get the grip close enough to the lantern, it'll kick in and follow you anyway.
    - Certain enemies float into the air for too long before attacking; may not attack at all. Common.
    - Certain flames are invisible in Customs (but not Forge or Theater); however, they still spawn and despawn correctly. Common.
    - Boss's weak spots trigger each other, effectively making it die in one hit. Uncommon.
    - Boss's weak spots spawn slightly misaligned, putting them outside its body and making them easy to hit. Rare; I think I've fixed this one.
    - The door to the zone that ends the game when entered refuses to open, making the game unwinnable. Rare; I think I've fixed this one too.

Recent Reviews

  1. FRED lllll FRED lllll
    With a map like this, I always set the bar low. Most puzzle maps have simple scripting working but not much else. Mostly there are simple, find a small item, click the item to obtain it, use that to do a thing, progress. Not that this is bad, but it has become the norm for a puzzle map structure.
    Here each puzzle makes for something unique. I don't want to spoil this map for anyone, but every single problem causes you to learn a new skill and builds onto the next puzzle and adds to the theme. Some of the things are very clever, and I would rather not spoil such a good map regardless. Scripting wise and it is so refreshing, using very simple things to make for puzzles that build off one another. It makes the puzzles feel very much like a Metroid prime puzzle. However, coming from you Omni, you seem to have experience with Metroid prime puzzles. The map is excellent to look at and I have to say I would recommend this to anyone.


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