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  1. MooMoo

    CENTIPEDE is a forge map I created for Halo 3 on the Master Chief Collection.

    The map was created specifically for the PREDATOR game type.

    //-- GAME TYPE --//
    My version of Predator may be different to the version(s) you may be familiar with. I recommend using the version of Predator that I made.

    There is one predator. They are invinisble, have increased mobility, and have a spartan laser and sword.
    The Predator must kill all the Survivors.

    The survivors must kill the Predator to win (or survive the time limit). Survivors are equipped with AR/Magnum and have limited jump to prevent them from reaching the Predator-Only locations.

    //-- MAP --//
    The map offers a lot of vertically and hiding spots for the Predator to prey on the Survivors.
    The map uses all of Foundry, and provides multiple points for the Survivors to watch for the Predator.

    Please refer to the VIDEO for more details!
    If you have any feedback please don't hesitate to let me know!

    At the moment, I am not exactly sure how to link my Fileshare (it is not appearing in Halo Waypoint). These are the instructions to download the proper files.

    //- INSTRUCTIONS -//
    How to download the Map and Game Type:
    1. Launch Halo MCC
    2. Go to the Main Menu
    3. Open the Roster
    4. Find Player
    5. Search gamertag: MOO FACE 5
    6. Download Game Type: PREDATOR
    7. Download Map: Centipede
    8. Return to Main Menu
    9. Go to Custom Games
    10. Select the Map and Gametype
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  1. TimotheosFraser

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    What a cool map! Love the catwalks and tunnels dispersed throughout it: really compliments the creepy warehouse aesthetic.

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