8v8 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. Talon Wolfy
    With the release of both Halo Infinite and the MCC Customs Browser on the horizon - and therefore, what could be the fundamental "end" of Halo 5's already thinning population - I've decided to finally share my best Halo 5 maps here on ForgeHub. Better late than never, I suppose.


    This map is based on the music video of the song "Carnivore" by "Starset", in which all hell breaks loose in the militarized streets of earth's dystopian future.


    Two makeshift bases of crates and cover stand their ground at opposing ends of a massive city block. Asymmetrically, there is a large parking garage and tall-walled building at the left and right sides.

    Both bases are armed to the teeth with extreme heavy weapons and deadly vehicle variants; ready to defend from possible snipers, incoming vehicles, or infiltration from a tunneled flanking route.

    Through lengthy paths that head right into danger, either team can reach any of the two "main" power weapons (binary rifle for sniping at the rooftops, and Nornfang/Magnum weapon pad at the garage). Although, for those who reach the top of the garage alive: a teleporter rests at a crane, leading you to an ONI Wasp to take out the sniper or dominate the battlefield.


    This map is also built for a custom Infection mode "Last To Fall" (Also named after a Starset song). In this mode, the "zombies" play as the deadly CVR enforcement (also known as "Carnivores" in Starset's narrative lore), armed with silenced weapons and increased speed. The survivors must rebel and survive, what ever the cost. Though, beware: on Infection modes only, teleporters and critical paths are blocked off with new object spawns, confining the map to it's devastated streets and wrecked parking garage.


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