Map Description

  1. AeonScourgeIV
    Carcerem is a room to room based slayer map. It was forged with 2v2, 4v4, and FFA in mind. The architecture is based on another map I have not yet published, it has a run down, and grimey look to it.

    As I was testing with the boys, I noticed most of the gun fights happen where I least expected it to, so the map can be unpredictable. Yet, the map has been forged with simplicity in mind. This isn’t to say someone can sneak around a lot, and get kills easily. It’s just a very vertical map.

    There are 3 main levels. Red spawns on the bottom level and blue spawns on the second level, but both have equal access to Active Camo, which spawns on the very bottom of the map.

    Now let’s talk weapons. There are 2 battle rifles, a light rifle, scattershot, and a single msg, along with 2 splinters and 4 plasmas on the map.
    The scattershot is placed on Catwalk, and is showcased on intro. It is placed in a very exposed part of the map, so there will be some fighting for it when it spawns. Same goes for the light rifle. The smg, however, is placed above red spawn and is probably the most easiest gun to pick up without a fight.

    Both teams have equal access to all weapons and grenades, if you know your way around clambering and such.

    This is the final version of the map. It only supports slayer or free for all at the moment, but may add strongholds to it if needed.


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