Capital City

Map Description

  1. Sword of Malnok
    Behold, the heart of the Eggman Empire: Capital City. Anyone who has played Sonic Forces will likely recognize the theme of this map.

    This is actually the second version of the map. This track was created as a result of lag in the first map, Metropolitan Highway, but came at a price: less gimmicks. I made up for it by making the track look cooler. Yes, that's right, the track is almost completely different, even if the atmosphere is similar.

    There are 8 checkpoints per lap. Mongooses.

    *Point of interest: After hours of studying Tom French's design docs for the race gamemode, I created a script that allows people to JOIN a match already IN PROGRESS!!! (yeet)

    *Second point of interest: Don't get off your mongoose. You'll regret it. Probably...


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    I thought this was a dead knuckles meme at first

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