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    RACE – for the Ducain23 Contest Jan. 2021

    Canvas – Tidal

    Theme – Reinterpretation of the Board Game “Candy Land”

    Up to 16 Drivers – use Mongoose - 10 Checkpoints – set score to 30 for 3 Laps

    This race map was built to fit the provided prefab template for this contest. It is a mayhem sky track (fall off and die). Similar to the board game this layout includes: a multi-color path; a stack of cards with one flipped; a Candy Heart field; Peppermint arches for the Candy Cane forest; Gingerbread Man, Gum Drop Mountains or Jell-O Hills (whichever you prefer); Ice Cream Floats; Lollypop Woods; and a chocolate Pond. Total lap time is approximately the same for both alternate routes. Some speed control will be required. Race this map with friends. Have Fun, Drive Fast! - JAMN
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