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  1. Yeti For Hire
    Callister is a small, symmetric map themed after Cairo Station. Despite its size, the map contains a wide variety of engagements. On the sword lane, you can expect long range, but choke point oriented engagements. In the middle route, fights are separated by a lift and a short ventilation system.


    On the very outside lane, things get interesting. When a player goes up to the middle console near rockets, they can activate the zero gravity in that lane. Upon activating the console, a gate will open next to rockets, s u c cing any unfortunate players out into space. This happens for ten seconds, then shield doors spawn in and the zero gravity has officially begun. The zero gravity stays there for two minutes then goes away. It can be reactivated anytime.

    Special Thanks:
    Cheapbox v2
    The S0UL FLAME
    HeX Reapers



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    No thanks to xzamplez you suck
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    My first thought was Ivory Tower Orbital. Love how it looks.
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