Bunker Hill

6v6 Territories

Map Description

  1. Psychoduck
    Hello everyone, I'd like to present to you what will be my last map in Halo: Reach. This map is called Bunker Hill and was a co-forge between Oakley Hidef (RivalMass) and myself. The map bares some similarities to High Ground, and plays much differently from most objective maps. All the pertinent information is highlighted in the video above.
    I'd like to thank all of my testers, including Flying Shoe ILR, MockKnizzle008, Fraustophobia, Rayraywa, Able SirThomas, Zatherla, YardBird92, and everyone who joined off of the THFECompetitive tag.
    Thanks for reading, don't forget to comment and <a class="externalLink" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">download!</a>

Recent Reviews

  1. WAR WAR
    Territories gameplay on this is very solid, I was really enjoying myself in the games you held. The map plays very differently from Halo 3's 'High-ground', the only comparative element is the map theme. There are so many ways to coordinate attacks and infiltrate the base. Not many maps involve a meta game component to territory captures. It's one of those maps that can be played over and over and produce different experiences each time because of this. Great job on this guys


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