Broken Weave

2v2 Slayer

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  1. icyhotspartin
    Hey Forgehub,

    Here's that new map I've been posting pictures of. It's a 2v2 Slayer map with regular, yet uneven pathing. Turnabouts and switchbacks abound, and provide very interesting sightlines. Spawns are split. Teleporter functions as a tunnel. Emphasis on individual skill within team context. Weapons are interesting:
    2-Shot Fuel Rod and Magic Magnum, with extra red-reticle range and decreased zoom depth.

    Click the DOWNLOAD GAMETYPE button at top right to check out the full release writeup at NextLevelDesign !

    :heart: icyhot
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  1. ZombieDyer

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  2. TheLunarRaptor

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    The last time I saw a broken weave I was watching a Worldstar video.
  3. icyhotspartin

    icyhotspartin Spartan I

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    You can thank Soul for the name lol
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  4. Sins of Truth

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    Lovely stuff man, especially loved the vid <3
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  5. WAR

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    Well done, I think this is one of my favorites from you! Great execution on atmosphere as well ;)
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  6. Skyward Shoe

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    This map has a really unique style to it and has some incredible detail. I noticed a few things running around that could either be touched up or that might be worth taking into consideration:
    • Going into the teleport backwards can sometimes fling you off of the map and into a kill zone. I know this is edge case but it's worth keeping in mind that players sometimes do unpredictable things like that. Also, that is a great teleporter in every other regard. Well done!
    • There is a distinct seam between two of the "water" pieces in the back cave. If possible it would be best to use one large object for that area to hide the edges in the rocks.
    • When coming from outside the death pit hallway with the body in ti is very dark. I absolutely did not know that there was a hole there the first time, and it's just a little cheap to come around a corner and then fall down a hole in a dark hallway. Funny, sure, but not conducive to a good first play experience for a lot of players. I would recommend lighting that up a little more so that players can read it better.
    • Your weapon pad in mid was reading as Projection SMG but actually gave some magnum variant. That might be a Halo 5 bug, unless this is a combo weapon? If that is the case I couldn't figure out what was special about it. Unless it is quite strong it probably doesn't need to be on a weapon pad.
    • Some wooden pallets on the map can be broken that seem like they re not intended to be, specifically ones used as wall pieces in the mid section of the map. Breaking some of these allows the player to see geometry holes, and while players can't get in them they are visible. I would make sure that all of these are impervious to all forms of damage like you did for the wooden floors.
    Otherwise really cool map! I look forward to playing a few games on it sometime.
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  7. icyhotspartin

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    Can't believe I never responded to this, thanks for the feedback!
    - I am planning on a refresh that fixes this issue with a 'backstop' of sorts, definitely an issue I was aware of in the building process
    - I know what you're talking about and I can't remember as of now whether i went back and fixed that - see refresh ^
    - definitely, that whole hallway needs better lighting - again, see refresh
    - yes! this is the Magic Magnum, which is a meld of Projection SMG to a regular magnum. It has a unique, and slightly buffed zooming animation, and an extended red reticle range of about 20 units, which is super helpful for crossmap fights, and helps even out framerate a little too haha
    - good point - see refresh
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