6v6 Strongholds

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  1. Garrett757
    It's been a while since I last posted a map, so I decided to go back and finish one of the maps I started back in December.

    This map is based off the strategically important Ludendorff bridge during World War Two. I tried to give it a realistic warfare look, hence the use of sandbags and makeshift cover. It's nothing crazy, but I really enjoy the look of the bridge and the gameplay is pretty fun too.

    The map can play Strongholds, CTF, Neutral Flag, Team Slayer, and infection. Strongholds is probably the best gamemode for this map as each team will spawn on opposite sides of the bridge and fight for control of the only stronghold situated directly in the middle of the bridge. I also have a custom infection game type set up where the survivors spawn in the middle of the bridge and must hold out to survive. The survivors are unable to venture too far from the middle to prevent spawn killing. Infected players spawn on both sides of the bridge and can also climb on the bridge and drop down to kill survivors.

    *Make sure to set strongholds gametype to 1 base for scoring*

    Weapons on map:
    Rocket Launcher x 2
    Saw x 2
    Battle Rifle x 4
    Smg x 2
    Smg silenced x 2
    Magnum gunfighter x 2
    Shotgun x 2
    DMR Sentinel sight x 2
    Assault Rifle Longshot x 2
    grenade x 4
    Grenade launcher (infection only)
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  1. Generai PUG

    Generai PUG Spartan I

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    i like the bridge
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