Bridge of Eldin

2v2 Custom

Map Description

  1. Ryouji Gunblade
    "I have come to play!"

    This mini-game is based on the King Bulblin joust on the titular location in Twilight Princess's Hyrule Field. The castle from that era is seen in the distance, as well as my more classic take on Death Mountain. You're more likely to recognize this as a Smash Bros. stage though. Speaking of which I incorporated details from Ultimate too.

    To play you just drive forward and let your passenger slice your opponents a few times. The magic portals will keep your momentum so go as fast as you like. Or hop off your mount and chase them on foot. There are no hard rules. Just don't get splattered.​
    Enjoy the sunset.
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  1. CaptainDireWolf

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    Death Mountain looks legit. Also like the portals.
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