2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Cardnal
    Brickdom was another map forged at the very beginning of Halo 5's lifespan, after jumping into a number of maps I made when first jumping into Forge, I found that very many of them had potential but lacked true feeling balance due to a lack of knowledge on how to forge properly in the new engine.

    Brickdom now has three bridges that connect the two sides on the top floor that hold an Active Camo Power-up, Plasma Grenades, and Fragmentation Grenades respectively with the Power-up in the middle bridge.
    The bottom floor now holds a Shotgun in the very middle spotlit to create a risk-reward scenario for players, while each side has weapons located in areas where players are never quite safe unless they strategize; Players will also find a Lawgiver Shotgun on one of the bottom floor sides to offer balance for players who tend to hog the shotgun.
    Grav lifts will help players reach the top floor on each side while throwing players in different directions each.

    Brickdom was built to offer fast-paced mayhem-based combat while also offering other gametypes for all types of players.
    For FFA this map is best played with 4 players only; while other gametypes are perfect for 4-8 player groups.


    -Slayer FFA
    -Team Slayer
    -Capture the Flag

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