8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. icyhotspartin
    Built specifically for Team Conquest competition, anticipating the French World Cup Win.

    I know the idea was to make a Trench Warfare-styled map, but I simply could not contain myself and threw in as much path convolution and height variability as was physically possible; hey, even with 'trenches' in an urban setting you're going to get that kind of thing, it can't all be flat streets and 90-degree angles.

    For me the challenge was to integrate art, pathing, meat-sack bullet-hose gameplay, and tactical options into a believable (and 'balanced') whole. I may have accomplished that, I may not have (I didn't get to test it much, I must admit it was largely forged yesterday and today due to personal circumstances), but the challenge was worth it for sure. By far, though, the hardest part was settling on a name.

    Also running out of pieces because of the Eiffel tower.. but art is art.

    U P D A T E
    Spawns got ****ed somehow - working link here.
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