Blood and Stone

4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. LargerFiend
    -Husky Raid


    Update 1.1:
    -Map name has been changed from "Husky Red" to "Blood and Stone"
    -Performence has been improved.
    -Cameras for Intro & Outro are working.
    -More spawns have been placed.
    -Flags have been adjusted.
    -Cover has been added to each base.



    WARHOLIC Cartographer
    The Creator Forge Critic

    Likes Received:
    This map was one of our top 10 considerations in the recent Husky Raid Contest. All of the judges haver their own opinions on each map; however, I wanted to personally share my own with you in case it would be helpful or constructive. If there are any negatives please remind yourself that we needed to heavily scrutinize in order to process our eliminations to a 1st place winner. Congrats on making it on our top 10 list!

    Overall Impressions:

    - Best looking human architectural building theme. Expert level piece usage and thoughtful attention to detail.
    - Snow particle effects add to the majestic vibe of the map along with the trees overhanging the central trench.
    - One of my favorite visual compositions when looking through the center of the map.
    - Simplicity of flooring is broken up nicely by merging natural terrain in areas.
    - Bases provide some slight variation from one another for helpful awareness.

    Technical Issues:
    - Missing intro and outro cameras
    - Sounds of splashing water when players jump on the mid-level staircase at each base.
    - Birds in the sky are not scripted properly and remain in the same location throughout the entire duration of the match.
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