Blind Faith HC


Map Description

  1. Tay25
    The first HC track on Avalanche.

    What is Hardcore tracks??

    These are difficult racetracks that have tricks and traps throughout them making it difficult to complete a lap. There are three rounds and it's first to 5 laps. You get -1 for dying. Round one and two you go on the second destination moved and on the third round you go right away.

    Some map notes:

    -estimated over 200 deaths went into the making of this map due to the tight skybox and invisible death barriers
    -there are parts of the track where if you get off your mongoose you will be pulled off the map due to the map trying to pull you back into the base area.
    -there is a part of the map where if you drive on one side you will get squished down into the track (again map trying to pull you in)
    -there are multiple parts of the track where if you go to a complete stop you will instant die
    -horizontal invisible kill barriers (enough said)
    -requires honor rules for one side where you can fall off onto terrain.
    -has 4-5 spawning in traps. All are visible.

    Map can be found on my share (xDangles25x) or downloaded from my onedrive link attached.


    Gamertag: xDangles25x.
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