Map Description

  1. DC Valorstrike
    Will keep this description brief due to the amount of things I have to do before Halloween.

    This map is on top of the of the grassy terraces of the original valley from Forge World that was expertly crafted by Ryouji Gunblade. I have nothing but praise for Gunblades talent for constructing believable terrain in forge and his generosity for creating this terrain foundation for my map.

    Also want to credit my good friend Helljumper 1357 for also creating the gatling gun truck prefab that I have place on the map as well.

    In short, I wanted to recreate an infection/slayer map I had built in this very same area back in Forge World on Halo Reach. You will notice you are atop the gorge from Forge World when stepping into this map.

    I will update this post this weekend to add the weapons available on the map and any small additions I've missed.

    This map takes a few visual inspirations of the human colony of Horizon from Mass Effect 2. The geometry of the buildings provided fun designs to incorporate into the infection map.

    Would love any feedback for Blight! Enjoy and Happy Halloween everyone (Will add more images this weekend as well)


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