Big Freeze

8v8 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Skyward Shoe
    Big Freeze is an assymetric Big Team battle map designed for large scale encounters and objective gameplay. The map is divided by an indoor and outdoor area, with Blue Team spawning in the outdoor section and Red Team spawning in the upper atrium. There is an unusual vehicle set on Big Freeze due to the large height difference. Blue Team gets a Wraith while Red Team gets a Mantis. Both teams also have a warthog.

Recent Reviews

  1. Insane54 Insane54
    lots of interlocks
  2. Psychoduck Psychoduck
    One of the top BTB maps currently available in Halo 4. Loads of fun for one flag and Extraction, with some great infantry and vehicle gameplay.
  3. Titmar Titmar
    One of the best 1 Flag maps in Halo 4 Forge, a great job.


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