Big Arm Battle


Map Description

  1. Sword of Malnok
    Finally, here comes the next installment in my Sonic boss battle series. This time around, it's a lot more intense since one person at random will be chosen to be the boss (Dr. Robotnik/Eggman), rather than a scripted, and therefore predictable, battle.

    Dr. Robotnik/Eggman (Alpha) will spawn with the Big Arm mech, and will then fly down to try and knock off the intruders (survivors). Those who convert will become badniks (zombies) that spawn inside the Death Egg, where they will drop down and be able to knock survivors off of the platform with heightened knockback. Like any badnik, they are easy to dispatch.

    The survivors must try and survive against the Big Arm mech and the falling badniks for 2 minutes. When 30 seconds remain, something special will happen (don't want to spoil it) that will make it a bit more difficult to survive. It is possible to destroy the Big Arm mech, however, this is typically quite a difficult task.

    There are currently 5 rounds in the game, but this is easily adjustable. There is also a secret hidden passcode to end the round in the event that spawns don't work for everyone (common with first round in infection-based modes, or if someone joins). Since I don't want the code exploited for an easy victory, send me a message if you plan on hosting this and I'll tell you the code.

    UPDATE: I actually made a much better version, aptly named Big Arm Battle 2.0, and apparently never posted it. I'll post the link right in the description here....when Waypoint decides to work for me.


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