2v2 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Ivan Diaz
    "Enjoying a hot dog while the world burns"

    This is a small slayer map.
    The teams spawn in shops, this shops were placed symmetrically in a large street with a lot of vehicles, there is a train that kill the players that get in his way, although it will not be very common for this to happen because the train is in aerial rails above the street.

    The shops has two exits, one that conduce to the main street, and other to conduce a small street and an alley. The alley conduce to the main exit of the opposite team.

    In both buildings in the small streets, you can climb to the first level of the emergency ladders.

    For the moment I dont know what could be a good total number of players, originally i was thinking in 4v4 but for now I think Team doubles and free for all will work perfectly, also the map works in Strongholds, ctf and assault mode.


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