4v4 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. SAMuri52
    This is near exact remake of Behemoth from Halo Infinite, made in Halo 5.

    Because of the scale of this map, a few adjustments had to be made.
    1. some of the hexagons that make up the edge of the map had to be cut to preserve resources. All of the hexagons that make up the topography of the map are still present, ensuring that the geometry is still near exact.
    2. The iconic outer ring of the map had to be cut for the same reason.
    3. The map is built on tidal instead of barrens, making the map a floating Island above an ocean as opposed to a desert. This is because Barrens is notoriously intolerant of high object counts and lightmap.
    4. Because of the high object count, this map may be intolerant of round based modes.

    The map supports Team Slayer, FFA, CTF, Strongholds, Assault, and Oddball.

    4v4, 6-12 Players

    Because of the Halo Waypoint changes, the download link links to my HW Profile.

    To download the map: Search the bookmarks of Anvil Prime 52 on Halo 5 and look for Behemoth!


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    Epic :)
    Great to see Infinite Maps in Halo 5!
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