Beach Volleyball


Map Description

  1. HAYDN est1999
    2 teams (Red & Blue), 2-8 players, first to 15 points wins, at the start of the game a ball will spawn in the centre balanced on the net teams must rush to the centre and hit the ball with the provided gravity hammers or direct melee to begin the game, teams must then work together to hit the ball over the net and if the ball touches the ground in your opponents half of the court you score a point, the ball will then be launched from the centre towards the middle of your half of the court. The ball is always marked with a waypoint marker. The announcer congratulates your team at 3, 5 and 10 point streaks.

    It's volleyball in halo... That's about it.

    And if you download the map or leave a review I will personally send you a hypothetical high five or hug, your choice :D
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