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  1. PUNISHER2510
    The classic board-game Battleship has been recreated in Halo 5.
    Move your tanks to desired positions, then press ready to get started. Each player takes turns selecting a spot they want to attack by shooting the corresponding white dot on the board. If you get a hit, a tank will disappear from the score chart. First player to destroy all six of the other player's tanks wins. Red and Blue Teams only. Use with Battleship game variant.

Recent Reviews

  1. K27R K27R
    I’m very impressed. Now I can comfortably play a new gametype in Halo 5 and feel like there’s more content to look forward to.

    I’ve never played battleship in person, and iPhone apps aren’t very fascinating, but this forge map really takes the cake for me. I’ll be constantly hosting this map in the custom games lobby from now on.

    Battleship is extremely fun, quite relaxing (chill) and I’m looking forward to introducing this to my closest friends.

    Also, PUNISHER2510, I binge explored your other maps and I’m very impressed with a few of your creations. Particularly Traverse Town and KH Prelude. I would love to make a video and interview with you one day. (Don’t ask when). These maps deserve more attention. I’m also very impressed with your scripting abilities. Be sure to hear from me in the future!


  1. AngelitoCO

    AngelitoCO ONI Agent

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    I have to try this!! Its a good idea, not just an idea its been done.. :yes:

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