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  1. Pat Sounds
    Welcome to Battle School, cadets!

    This is a zero gravity mini game arena I built inspired by Ender's Game, one of my favorite books as a kid. It uses custom gametypes and concepts refined from a previous entry of mine, Space Oddity. This map is an arena-oriented spinoff of that concept. I plan to do more maps in this vein down the road. For now, let's break down Battle School...

    It takes a little bit to get used to moving around using the thruster, but once you master it you can pull some fun maneuvers. Make sure to use your ground pound when you need to land or go down. If your ground pound has been exhausted, you can hold LT to burn out your hover and float down as well. If both of those aren't options, boost towards the side of the room and the curve of the walls should give you a helping hand.

    I have made several gametypes with custom physics to support a variety of modes. I will likely be adding more in the future as well. The map currently works for Slayer, Breakout, CTF and "Graffball" which is zero g variant on Griffball with hydra starts, hoops for goals and a basketball-esque scoring system (2 points for a carried deliver, 3 points for a thrown delivery).

    The arena is a sphere with red and blue bases on opposite sides and an opening in the top that leads to a smaller dome containing an abstract solar system model.

    On the sides of the map are platforms that hold an Overshield and Damage Boost. There are two mini bases set into the walls behind these platforms, which serve as yellow and green spawn points.

    The bottom of the map has a lift that takes you to the upper room, as well as two teleporter doors that also take you into the same room. The difference is that the teleporters are equipped with man cannon boosters, and drop you out of the star in the center of the room. As a result, if you're camping the top room, teleporting spartans are hard to anticipate.

    Red and Blue bases have safe respawn areas behind sheilds with a plasma pistol, hydra and needler on a weapon stand. Launchers at the doorway boot you out and prevent you from returning to the home base once you leave. There are little hallways below the bases with breakout style respawns that automatically shoot you into battle via a man cannon.

    There are plenty Hydras on the map, so get one. Two in red and blue bases , two on the sides and one up top. Use the Carbine for longer distances, and the suppressor on the floor level mostly.

    Oh...and there's also a Phaeton that spawns in upper dome in Slayer modes. Might be useful.

    There are only two Hydras and the Power-Ups in breakout, since you can't re-enter red and blue bases and the Phaeton up top is replaced by the flag. Capturing the flag is the easiest route to victory, so be prepared for some fights in flag room.

    Capture the damn flag. Not much to new to explain but it seemed obligatory to include CTF if it's called Battle School.

    Think of it like basketball and Griffball. Most of the objects are removed from the map and there are two hoops for goals. You get 2 points for carrying the ball through the hoop and 3 points for throwing it. Players spawn with Hydras and Hammers and infinite ammo.

    Like all of my maps, this will forever be a work in progress. Feel free to let me know what you think would make the map better and I'll consider it. Enjoy, and remember...the enemy's gate is down.
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    Is this the same one that got super popular on reddit?
  2. Pat Sounds

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    Not that I'm aware of, but it's possible. I have been working on it and testing it for a while before I posted it up here.

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