Battle Royale Island

King of the Hill

Map Description

  1. MooMoo
    //--- BATTLE ROYALE ISLAND ---//

    Battle Royale Island is a Free-For-All map for the game mode: Battle Royale - Closing Ring.

    The goal is to become the last man standing.

    Players must scavenge for weapons and kill enemies all while the ring slowly closes and pushes the players together.

    Weapons are set to random spawns. However, weapons on the outskirts of the map will have more ammo than weapons on the inside of the map. Additionally, weapons outside of the ring cannot be picked up.

    The map takes place entirely on Forge World's island. There are multiple human, covenant and forerunner structures inspired by Halo CE.

    The ring closes every 30 seconds, until the last 2 final rings are inside the hall way of Forge World's island.

    Player's outside the ring will:
    • Lose their shield
    • Do less damage
    • Receive more damage
    • Will be marked with a waypoint

    The game mode does not use any mods. It uses King of the Hill as the base.

    Please refer to the video below for gameplay and more information!

    //- INSTRUCTIONS -//
    How to download the Map and Game Type:
    1. Launch Halo MCC
    2. Go to the Main Menu
    3. Open the Roster
    4. Find Player
    5. Search gamertag: MOO FACE 5
    6. Download Game Type: BATTLE ROYALE - CLOSING RING
    7. Download Map: BATTLE ROYALE ISLAND
    8. Return to Main Menu
    9. Go to Custom Games
    10. Select the Map and Gametype


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