Battle for the Galaxy

8v8 Custom

Map Description

    This is a large-scale multi objective Halo campaign sized map with a linear play style of red vs blue, attack defend game mode. This map is the largest and most challenging and objectively diverse map that I have ever made, spanning well over 20 mins and featuring evolving and changing map features and featuring dozens of fan-favorite and custom game modes such as: Slayer, King of the Hill, Strongholds, Oddball, Territories, Demolition, Build-a-Bridge, Gondola Wars, Air Wars and more.

    The map holds iconic campaign missions and moments from various Halo campaigns (Halo 1 - 3), some are subtle such as small portions and a small section of a mission and others as grand as the Gondola fight from Halo 2's "Regret" mission. This is my take on an epic campaign mission that is a cross between "The Ark" and "The Silent Cartographer" missions from Halo 3 and 1. My map has a similar play style to those missions except with added objectives.

    This is a battle for the future of all! The galaxy is in your hands!

    The is a life based game mode, the attackers receive added lives for each main objective success. New weapons, equipment, power ups and vehicles are granted or taken based on your score, the number of lives you have and what checkpoint you've reached in the map.
    There are about 7 phases in this map, attackers must get through all 7 to win

    Phase 1: Beach Storm
    Land on the covenant beach head via Pelican and storm the enemy base. Capture all 3 Strongholds and secure the beach. Destroy the generator in the forerunner structure powering the shields to allow for vehicle drop.

    Phase 2: Island Gate
    Advance deeper into the island and destroy the covenant gate blocking the route to the inner forerunner caverns.

    Phase 3: Cave
    Enter the Cave and secure the oddball for 60 seconds

    Phase 4: Bridge and Cave
    Kill as many Covenant as you can in the cave and bridge junction (Slayer - 30 kills).

    Phase 6: Build Bridge
    Exit the cave and move to the next checkpoint. Stand in the Hill and gain points in order to build the bridge.

    Phase 6: Secure Zone and Gondola Ride
    Kill the remaining defenders and board the gondola. Ride the gondola to the far end of the map and reach the large forerunner structure.

    Phase 7: Attack Covenant Cruiser, Board and Destroy Cruiser
    Board wasp and banshees and attack the covenant cruiser. Destroy all weak points on the outside of the ship, lower the shields and destroy the inner ship core to blow up the cruiser and win the game.


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