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  1. Erk
    Bastion is my last 1v1 map created for the smackdown contest. It is a much more abstract style than my previous entries and has a lot more interesting movement options with a simpler weapon layout. There are lots of height elevations and you can move between heights very quickly.

    There have been a few suggestions based on playtests that i will look into improving soon but otherwise I am happy with this map.

    Weapons: Static Timers
    1x Sniper Rifle : 90 sec : no clips
    1x Speed Boost : 90 sec
    1x AR : 60 sec : 1 clip
    1x Plasma Rifle : 30 sec
    2x Carbine : 30 sec : 2 clips
    4x BR : 30 sec : 2 clips
    3x Plasma Grenade : 15 sec
    5x Frag Grenade : 15 sec

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions and add me if you would like to play sometime.
    GT: xXxMENTALxXx
    You should be able to find me on Campaign Timing, Halo CE, Easy, Pillar of Autumn.
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  1. FlamminGrunt

    FlamminGrunt Spartan II

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    thats pretty legit bro! i like the vex style walls you put in, i hope they dont like urs more than mine! lol
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