Barrens Rig

4v4 Slayer

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  1. AngelitoCO
    Barrens Rig

    Map Description: H3 construct reimagination. Made by AngelitoCO

    It's more an inspired version of Halo 3 Construct. It's not to scale, layout was in my mind. You'll see a lot of changes. Changed the theme to human style.
    Some weapons are different types and locations

    • ...
    • Add CTF
    • Add strongholds
    • degraded areas that show wear and tear
    • I'm always be looking for ways to improve the map

    I'm open to hear your ideas or suggestions...

    Enjoy... :)
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  1. Ryouji Gunblade

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    You nailed that Meridian look. Congratulations, I guess.

    But if it were me, I would add a few more subtle colors like in Unearthed, which also has some bronze/rust, and yellow here and there.


    Don't be afraid to have some degraded areas that show wear and tear.
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  2. AngelitoCO

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    Very nice suggestion, I'll do that as soon as I can
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