Balloonless Blimp

3v3 Capture the Flag

Map Description

  1. The Aclopolipse
    Balloonless Blimp came from an early concept map around Halo 5's launch experimenting with Halo 5's movement mechanics. I've gone back and iterated on the design several times and this is the result.

    This long, open map is a series of strctures connected by dangerous bridges, narrow walkways, and floating platforms. A two-story center building bisects the map, but a lack of close-range power weapons and abundant grenades elsewhere make this position hard to hold. The grenade launchers in each team's tower lead to entertaining long-range kills and lets players punish anyone who tries to play too defensively.

    Gaps that can only be cleared with sprint-jumps create interesting one-way routes for flag and bomb games, and provide challenging shortcuts for players willing to take the leap.
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