Ball and Score Zones

Map Description

  1. Yumudas Beegbut
    A simple set of Red & Blue score zones with a UNSC ball that scores in them.

    The Ball [only] object has 1 script that updates the ball holder's charlie number channel every 0.05 seconds to constant 1. However it has Force Dirty = On to make sure it triggers Number Check each time.

    Each Sportsball score zone has 2 scripts:
    1. Checks all players' charlie numbers for the constant 1, which can only trigger while 1 player holds the ball. When that happens, the score zone sets its own object number to the count of players whose charlie number triggered this script and not on its own team (no scoring on yourself) and who is inside its boundary (aka scored).
    2. Script 2 triggers only when that count (its own object number) is equal to 1 and then increments that player's team score and plays the Gooooal sound.
    That's it. You don't have to be an expert to add to any of these scripts. So blow some sportsball fanatics up and release the hounds of hell for no reason whatsoever.
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