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  1. Lost Pinecone
    A Squid Loaf presents:

    Awoken Mysteries



    Your consciousness breaks forth from the void and enters a strange, derelict lab. A surge of sensations overwhelms you at first, but you slowly regain composure as you look around the lab. Where is this place? How did you get here? You suddenly become aware of a burning desire within yourself to leave this planet as fast as you can.


    Awoken Mysteries is a puzzle map for 1-3 players (2 is probably ideal) where your goal is to escape the planet.

    All you need for the gametype is slayer with unlimited time and fast respawns, but you can use my gametype Puzzle Mode if you don't feel like making your own gametype. (Link)


    Keep an eye out for these black switches with an "r" above them which are for resetting the puzzles:


    Also, see if you can find all of the lost keys to unlock the bonus:


    Remember to crouch and look down if you are trying to interact with an object that is near the ground.

    Special thanks to v Atlantis for making sand dunes, and of course, to all the testers.

    Need help? Check out the guide posted below.

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  1. ImThatGreat ImThatGreat
    This map has made me incredibly thankful for ForgeHub. I loved finding puzzles and mazes on previous halo community centers, and it was long overdue for Halo 5. I easily spent 2 hours last night "finishing" (I only got 4/6 hidden keys) this puzzle. Good stuff!
  2. JonesSeries JonesSeries
    I'm not much of a Puzzle player, but I really enjoyed it. The puzzle had lots of different challenges that makes the map a lot of fun. This should take you about an hour, unless you have a teammate that does not do much.
  3. I was challenged all the way through this very creative puzzle map. The puzzles were intricate and rewarding as well they are simplified as to not need too much outside guidance. The map was lengthy without being too long my time was at about an hour. Over all one of my top favorites by A Squid Load
  4. I loved the map. It was fantastic. Every puzzle felt fresh and there wasn't too much confusery(lulz). You really had to think about what you had to do. Just thought you needed to differenciate some of the colors in the beginning. Other than that, it's great. I agree with wolfman, the carrots were monsterous. NOICE!


  1. Lost Pinecone

    Lost Pinecone Spartan I
    Forge Critic

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    Part 1: Escape the Room

    Look for an interaction in the lab which will tell you the correct order of objects to interact with down below.

    Interact with the panel to the right of the door which opens up. This will show you the correct order (orange, light blue, yellow, pink). Go down below and interact with the orange button to the right of the reset switch, then jump on the crate and look up to press the light blue connector, then interact with the yellow cable in the far wall (you need to crouch) then finally with the large pink object on the wall opposite to the reset switch and closest to the yellow cable.

    Note: Make sure you press the reset button before you start doing the correct order.

    Part 2: Activate the Elevator

    Step A:

    Solve the piston puzzle which will open the door to the right of the puzzle.

    If you are having trouble figuring out the solution, there is an alternate way of completing the puzzle, simply reset, then hit each switch once, then repeatedly press the 3rd switch from the left until the barrel goes into the hole.

    Step B:

    After opening the door by completing the piston puzzle, go through the door and search the room for an arrow, then follow it.

    The arrow is under the 2 loose crates and leads you through a black chroma (a block you can walk through) where you'll find a Void's Tear.

    Step C:

    Look for something to interact with near the closed door across the hallway from the room you started in.

    If you follow the wire on the left side of the door, it leads to a breaker piece you can interact with to open the door. Be sure to crouch to interact with it.

    Step D:

    After entering the room across the hallway from where you started, think of something to use in combination with the purple light.

    Charge up the Void's Tear and shoot it at the purple light which will lift up the panel on the floor and allow you to enter the compartment below where you'll find a switch you can activate.

    Step E:

    Look for another panel you can interact with.

    In the elevator room, interact with the panel to the left of the closed door on the wall in front of the elevator. Shoot the top of the explosive barrel sticking out of the wall behind the panel to open the door.

    Step F:

    After opening the door in front of the elevator, search the room for a switch.

    Walk along the ledge on the piston until you come to the back of it, look up and interact with the switch to lower the piston which allows you to crouch and walk under the walkway to access the red switch. After activating both red switches (which turn green), you can now operate the elevator.

    Part 3: Find 6 Fusion Blocks to Power the Relay.

    Fusion Block A:

    In the red building, create a pathway to the explosive barrel in the hole, then throw a grenade through the opening and get it to land on the barrel.

    Push the 2 triangle blocks together on the opposite side of the open pipe so that they form a ^ shape just above the hole. Leave the further block to the left of the open pipe alone, but push the closer block on the left side forward a little ways. Once the blocks are set up right, keep throwing the grenades into the open pipe until one lands in the hole and destroys the barrel. Once the barrel is blown up, you can enter the small room above to get the fusion block.

    Fusion Block B:

    In the purple building, make the 2 platform EXACTLY even by removing/adding crates onto them.

    On the lower platform, take off the large white crate with a yellow stripe and the thin rectangular metal crate. On the higher platform, put on the large crate on the back wall and the small thin crate in the middle. The platforms will be exactly even and the door at the top of the tower is now open, you'll find the fusion block through the door by the window.

    Fusion Block C:

    In the hole with explosive barrels in the middle, behind the building containing the elevator, figure out the correct order to cut the wires in. Pay attention to your surroundings.

    The lights traveling down the wire on top of the building tell you the order to cut the wires in: green, blue, red, yellow. After cutting all 4 wires, the hatch nearby opens up and you'll find the fusion block inside.

    Fusion Block D:

    In the white building, search inside for a hammer to use.

    Make your way to the back right corner of the room down low, climb up on the machinery in the back right corner and go through the opening in the wall and you'll find the hammer at the back of the tunnel. After getting the hammer, interact with the pipe on the platform midway up the stairs to fix the pipe. Once the pipe is fixed, go to the top floor where you can now get behind the sideways piston where the fusion block is located.

    Fusion Block E:

    In the greenish yellow building, figure out what the humanoid is trying to convey.

    The humanoid wants 3 flowers, they are located:

    1) Near the rock in the middle of the outside area, to the right of the building with the elevator.
    2) At the back of the giant carrot patch near the pond.
    3) In an opening where the wall meets the large rocky mountains, behind the purple tower.

    After acquiring all 3 flowers, you can now interact with the fusion block to take it.

    Fusion Block F:

    Look outside the map for a clue.

    From the elevator room, if you follow the wall to the right and look through the wall near the end, you'll see "Under Ele" which is short for Elevator. Go down the elevator and send it back up, drop down the hole where you'll find the fusion block.

    Part 4: Bonus

    Look at the back of the stand holding the large breakout cube to get hints for where to look for the lost keys. The tiles tell you which building to look in, for example, the purple tile tells you there is a lost key in the purple building (the tower).
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  2. thrillerkillers

    thrillerkillers Spartan I

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    I didnt get my "motivational support" acknowledgement again! =P

    this map was fun! hard as hell, as always =) but awesome map.

    I peed my pants like a little girl when I saw your creative plants, definitely my fav part!
  3. CT X8

    CT X8 Spartan I

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    Who lived in a pinecone under the sea?... squid Loaf the bastered it seems. damn u squid and your puzzzzzzlesss! And since when did the squid become a cone
  4. DrDreidelBerg

    DrDreidelBerg ONI Agent

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    I don't care what anyone says, puzzle maps are by far one of the most difficult map types to forge well and this is pretty great. I always like seeing the creative contraptions a lot of these maps use.

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