Assault On Okinawa

8v8 Custom

Map Description

  1. Garrett757

    "The Navy's been bombarding the island for weeks, there won't be an enemy left..."

    This is a Halo version of the valiant invasion of Okinawa by U.S. Marines in 1945 towards the end of WW2.

    After many people enjoying my Omaha Beach D-Day map I really wanted to recreate one of the allied invasions during the pacific campaign. Really this map fits the description for any of the U.S. amphibious landings in the pacific, but I just decided on Okinawa as it was the last invasion on a Japanese held island.

    I did my best to create a tropical like atmosphere as well as a beach landing that looks similar to the real life invasion. This map is drastically different than my Omaha Beach map as its tropical, the 2 mg bunkers are camouflaged, and the aesthetics are vastly different.

    You need to utilize teamwork if you want to succeed. Give covering fire and move together. The game works by using the infection gametype; Attackers must clear out the defenders and the defending team will spawn in the trenches and bunkers and must stay alive to win.

    The objective is simple, get out of your landing craft, onto the beach, and clear out the enemy.

    Use my previous gamemode: D-Day 1945

    I highly encourage to play this with a full lobby. You can play with less, but due to the game/map the chances of spawning in the 3 bunkers being used is lessened.

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  1. NILLOC916 NILLOC916
    I played a game on this, it was great fun for both sides.


  1. JurassicWeeMan

    JurassicWeeMan Spartan I

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    A great tribute to an iconic battle of history.
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  2. ReinaStorm

    ReinaStorm Nostalgia never dies

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    This and D-Day need to be in Action Sack. Please submit this!
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  3. Garrett757

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    Small Changes

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