Aspect Of Terror


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    I told you not to go inside...FOR GOOD REASON!

    The Flood has been unleashed to roam the Halo ring as it pleases. Banished bases have fallen victim to the spread and this outpost is no exception. The Banished spirit was the last means of escape; but the infected got to it first and as a result this once impenetrable fort has become a graveyard.

    A search party made from a small group of Spartans has been sent in to investigate the fort and gather intel to help with wars to come. They were greeted by an Aspect of Terror.


    The Flood will make a return in Halo Infinite and the Banished will have trouble dealing with it. This map takes inspiration from Banished architecture mixed in with Flood aesthetics. The base was deeply overrun and as you explore the map you'll notice examples of Flood making their way into structures and taking over anything that could be of use.


    The survivors will likely use the infected spawn at the overgrown spirit as their main holdout; however the outside areas offer clean sightlines and elevation advantages making them just as good to bunker down. The map works for both Alpha zombies and standard infection. Weapons such as Plasma rifles or the Gravity Hammer are present inside the outpost to add towards the Banished theme.

    Hope you enjoy!

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