2v2 Assault

Map Description

  1. DuckBag

    "Passionate researchers built this facility to study a stone found deep beneath the surface. Some say it came from the underworld, others say it came to the underworld."

    [2-4 Players]


    Small symmetrical map made on the breakout canvas.

    4 Player Assault - also compatible with 2 and 4 player Slayer variants. Great for 1v1's, or fast paced 2v2's!

    Additionally supports:

    • Strongholds
    • Neutral Flag CTF
    • FFA
    • Swat
    • Breakout

    Standard CTF is not currently supported.

    Weapon Specifications:

    • 4 x DMR
    • 2 x SMG
    • 1 x Boltshot
    • 1 x Storm Rifle
    • 1 x Battle Rifle
    • 1 x Sniper Rifle [Weapon Pad - 150 seconds] (1 spare clip) *Non-assault only*

    • 1 x Scatter Shot [Weapon Pad - 150 seconds] (0 spare clips) *Assault only*

    Special thanks to:

    Duke of Mearl

    and all of the playtesters!

    Very open to feedback and criticisms.
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  1. a Chunk

    a Chunk Blockout Artist
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    Good first map. :)

    Structurally, it looks impressive.
    Aesthetically, it's very consistent, which is definitely a good thing.

    My one complaint based upon screenshots is the use of Breakout flooring. It makes the transitions between floors and walls look unnatural. I like the look of all the other breakout pieces, just not a fan of the flooring. I feel like this would look much better if you just replaced the breakout flooring with a more solid texture.

    The fact that a subjective aesthetic preference is my main complaint is definitely a good sign. I'll download and take a run through the map next time I'm on, and then comment again if there's anything else that jumps out at me.
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  2. DuckBag

    DuckBag Spartan I

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    Much appreciated!

    If possible, let me know what you think of the weapon placement on the map, or anything else that doesn't seem to work.

    I understand your flooring complaint - and I agree that the transition between it and the walls is not the cleanest. Overall, though, I personally feel that the flooring contributes positively to the look of the map, but I can't say for sure unless I try some different flooring, which I will.

    Thank you very much!
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