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  1. MitchellCorrent
    Anomaly is a 4v4 - 8v8 medium sized map built for slayer, CTF, Infection, and strongholds. Relive your battles in the classic hanger of Halo: Combat Evolved with Halo 5's mechanics and gameplay. Rush to the centre of the map for all the useful goodies, or hang back in the parked phantoms and pick off the helpless players running out of the corridors. One of the centre terminals features a button that toggles the gravity in the hanger bay area; use it to reach new heights, or even use the phantom's gravity lift to elevate you to the second level. As always, feedback is always appreciated!

    Also, my apologies for the ugly lens flare emanating from most of the lights on the map for I cannot do anything about it. It is a terrible bug that 343 needs to fix... Other than that... enjoy!
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