Ambush Alley

4v4 Slayer

Map Description

  1. Nano
    Based off of the Titanfall 2 Live Fire map UMA. Named it Ambush Alley due to the Titanfall map that had that written all over the map with random ravens and "pew pew"

    Power weapons are the End of the Line Sniper and the Whiplash Rail gun. Both have reasonable amount of ammo so it wouldn't be to over powering and spawn times are longer. Power ups originally had camo, but that got crazy and probably OP during play testing when the person had camo with Whiplash and Sniper. Its replaced with Overshield.
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Recent Reviews

  1. dusty141 dusty141
    great concept for swat


  1. dusty141

    dusty141 Rookie

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    now I want to see angel city. lots of good maps from titanfall
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  2. Nano

    Nano Marine

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    Oh, don't you worry. This is my Titanfall maps project. Currently working on the smaller ones first like the Live Fire ones. Then move on up to the bigger maps that will be for BTB scale. Since theirs a lot of things going on in those maps. I might have to change some things for scale and budget in forge.

    Since Titanfall 2 is the only game that will let me walk around the maps with out playing online. That's the easiest way I can see the map. So mainly from Titanfall 2, but I know their are some from Titanfall 2 that are in the first game. Will keep you posted.

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